With Meet Your Fabrics we want to give everybody a chance to be creative with fabrics.

We wanted to inspire people in creating something new. This could either be by sticking a piece of fabric over a book cover to create a new look for an old book or by sewing a stuffed animal out of just a piece of fabric.

We have cotton, jersey, rib and leatherette available in lots of colors and prints. This makes them ideal to sew pillows, bags, clothes, scarves, stuffed animals, toys and lots of more things.

To make it easier to mix and match the fabrics together, we already cut them in pieces of 50cm x 150cm and rolled them.

As seasons change, so does our collection. We make sure that besides our standard fabric collection you will always find new colors and prints.

You will be able to find us on fabric markets and creative fairs throughout Germany. We will keep you posted where we are on both our website and social media.

Meet Your Fabrics - Many Different Jersey Fabric Rolls of 50cm